Jubilane Guesthouse

Unique Experiences are Priceless


This beautiful guesthouse located in an upscale suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa billed itself as a high-end luxury guesthouse. However, the customer experience the guests received prior to and upon arrival was incongruent with the marketing that drew them to the establishment in the first place. Guests experienced long wait times to receive information, cookie-cutter recommendations for activities, and a lack of bespoke services upon their arrival.


Traditional training companies may put together a workshop for employees to role play “bad” behavior versus “good” behavior. They would do this to get employees to understand what they are doing “wrong”. We instead helped the client get grounded in the original vision for the company. We then guided the client to create a simple strategy to communicate and embed the vision into the organization.


By enabling employees to understand the “why” behind creating an engaging customer experience it was seamless to begin to change behaviors. These changed behaviors incrementally increased positive brand exposure and led to an increase in word-of-mouth references month over month.

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Customer Service/Hospitality/ December 13, 2017

Global Tech Company … December 11, 2017