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Customer Love

Business, Inspiration September 2, 2018

What is real love? Simply… Real love is a CHOICE. When it’s difficult or when it’s easy. You must choose….

Leave a Customer Legacy

Business, Inspiration July 3, 2018

What are you creating? We humans sometimes believe that greatness is only found in doing something larger than life. That…


Business, Inspiration June 1, 2018

Isn’t it comforting to know that we can dramatically change our businesses lives, over time, by taking small positive consistent…

Excellence Not Perfection

Inspiration May 2, 2018

This is the essence of building a good customer strategy for our businesses. Not perfection, but excellence is the goal….


Inspiration March 2, 2018

You have the power to choose who you, your business and your life will be.


Inspiration December 15, 2017

meraki [may-rah-kee] This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love…

Forward is Progress

Inspiration December 8, 2017

It’s time to move… Forward. What’s next for you as we approach the holidays?

A New Year Awaits

Inspiration December 1, 2017

Yes, a new year is upon us. But, so is a new day. This day. Don’t wait to go for…