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The Customer Narrative

Business October 2, 2018 No Response

This is the one thing you must remember as a business owner, startup or solopreneur. Even as an intrapreneur (a person who works inside of a corporation who treats her/his role as a career and not a job. A person who works in excellence.)
Our customers are the reason why we are here. Their story is the only one that matters. Let’s make sure we are doing what is needed to create a positive revenue generating narrative. –

Customer Love

Business, Inspiration September 2, 2018 No Response

What is real love? Simply… Real love is a CHOICE. When it’s difficult or when it’s easy. You must choose. Unfortunately, it’s defined in many off and online dictionaries as a feeling or some sort of attachment. No wonder, as a society, we have so many issues in this area.
What does this have to do with business generally and creating a standout customer experience specifically?
Good business is an act love. It shows we care about the purchase and the person. As business leaders and owners, we must make the CHOICE to honor our customers and ourselves by creating an excellent service experience.
How do you show “customer love”?

True Value

Business August 1, 2018 No Response

Money = Value. Create something of value that people actually need. That actually helps them. Don’t create things that ultimately only benefit you. Keep your customers, employees and those you serve in the forefront of your mind. In this way, you create lasting value for yourself.
This can’t be faked. The results of your work (or lack thereof) will show what’s most important to you every time.

Leave a Customer Legacy

Business, Inspiration July 3, 2018 No Response

What are you creating? We humans sometimes believe that greatness is only found in doing something larger than life. That greatness is somehow only found in those achievements that others deem “significant”.
I submit, that every intentionally positive interaction we create with another human being that acknowledges them as a person worthy of kindness and respect ensures that we leave an impact that lasts forever.
In all our getting, let us get a true understanding of others without pressing forward with our own agenda blindly.
This is the essence of life and business. This is the essence of Customer Experience.


Business, Inspiration June 1, 2018 No Response

Isn’t it comforting to know that we can dramatically change our businesses lives, over time, by taking small positive consistent actions? We don’t have to stay in the place that we are in currently. We can, if we so desire, change our thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Change can be scary. But, most often change can be rewarding.

Excellence Not Perfection

Inspiration May 2, 2018 No Response

This is the essence of building a good customer strategy for our businesses. Not perfection, but excellence is the goal. Our customers will feel it and appreciate it.

Don’t Repeat Your Mistakes

Business April 2, 2018 No Response

If you are hearing a consistent message from your customers that you are not delivering to their expectations it’s time to stop the cycle. Re-engineer your processes and repair and begin to nurture your relationships today.


Inspiration March 2, 2018 No Response

You have the power to choose who you, your business and your life will be.

Set Yourself Apart

Business February 1, 2018 No Response

Be bold and set yourself apart from the crowd of mediocrity. Give your customers more than they expect. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be sincere.