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About Erin

Global Customer Experience Strategist

Erin White is CEO and MastHER Strategist of Hexagon Outsourcing Group.

She spent eight years at Coca-Cola Enterprises. As an HR professional she coached, developed and guided some of the highest-level leaders in the organization. At Coke, Erin was an intrapreneur, innovating new ways of working and building internal centers of excellence from the ground up. As well as improving upon existing structures and processes to stay on trend or ahead of the curve.

Why “HEXAGON” Outsourcing Group

We use hexagons in our business to represent community and economy of time. The idea of our logo is based on The Honeybee-Conjecture. Honeybees use the hexagon shape to create honeycombs because it is the only shape with the smallest total perimeter.  Which in turn allows the bees to fully maximize space. This idea is the bedrock to the ways in which we help our clients build out simple concise strategies to help you win in the marketplace.



In a world where many humans seem to feel devalued or undervalued. We want to be a business and help other businesses become businesses that see the inherent value in every human being. We believe that businesses wield an enormous amount of power. And, with that power they have the ability to play a major role in positively changing the landscape of society. One human at a time. One customer at a time. One meaningful experience at a time.